Speak Freely

Australia's Own

Free Speech Network

Digital ID Not Required

No Algorithms

No Algorithms

Algorithms used in commercial social media systems are designed to control your narrative. There is no control of any narrative on Yoohoo Network.

Community Driven Standards

Community Driven Standards

Besides a few basic rules such a no trolling, abusive behaiour and disrespect, the community sets the standards for what is acceptable.

Free As The Wind

Free As The Wind

The freedom to talk about any topic, no matter how controversial it is, as long as the discussion and debate is legal and respectful.

Why Does Australia Need Free Speech Social Media?

There is a war on for your mind.

The authorities don’t want you thinking independently, seeing certain content, or networking with those who know things that might help you see what is really going on in Australia today. 

So the easiest way is to ban and censor these ideas. 

Yoohoo Network does not ban or censor respectful discussion of any ideas.

100% independent. Not controlled by corporate interests.

Unlike the major platforms, Yoohoo Network is not corporate controlled.

Your data will not be gathered for commercial use. There is no commercial objective behind Yoohoo Network. It is built by members of the community, for the community.

Yoohoo Network encourages respectful discussion of ideas free from any agenda to control a narrative.

No political alignment or affiliation.

Too often voices that stand out are affiliated with a particular political party or ideology.

Yoohoo Network is not politically aligned and welcomes debate from all sides of the political spectrum.

It’s OK for the debate to become heated but it must remain respectful.